Game designs by Timi Pall

1. Little Red Riding Hood
(Piroske és a Farkos)
game design by Timi Pall

Short intro:

Click on the image below and ejoy it:
this work was made in Adobe Flash

The play is the thing, take a bit of relaxation!
(A játék örök, kapcsolódj ki!!!)

2. Agility game
(not finished yet...)

Character design by Timi Pall

 The finished characters of the Son of the White Horse (Fehérlófia) tale:

The poster
(pregnant horse)

Photoshop CS3 - 2010

Son of the White Horse

Photoshop CS3 - 2010

The Devil - Hétszűnyű Kapanyányimonyók

Photoshop CS3 - 2010

The Dragon

Photoshop CS3 - 2010 (color correction in 2011)

The Griffin

Photoshop CS3 - 2010

The three monster
(Kőmorzsoló, Vasgyúró, Fanyűvő)

Photoshop CS3 - 2010

The Princess

Photoshop CS3 - 2010

My animations

an intro for my Little Red Riding Hood game

Love Story...

an animation about my life...
not finished yet...

The Little Prince
new conception

The rape of Europe
after my mad and crazy imagination

abortion - my point of view
music: Bogdan Bodis Adam

Friends forever
my first animation
evoking the spirit of Emile Cohl